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Mentoring Scheme

Maitland is delighted that our mentoring scheme for aspiring commercial/chancery barristers from ethnic minority backgrounds will run for a third year.

The aim of this scheme is to inform, guide and encourage aspiring commercial/chancery barristers so that they can approach pupillage applications to sets in these practice areas with a realistic idea of what to expect and the confidence to navigate the processes.

The scheme is specifically for the benefit of high potential candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds underrepresented at the commercial/chancery Bar, and we particularly encourage applications from black candidates. It is open to those who have not yet secured a pupillage or participated in our mentoring scheme, and intend to apply for pupillage at commercial/chancery sets in 2023. We will seek to contextualise applications by taking into account candidates’ personal and socio-economic circumstances.

Each placement will consist of two focused sessions, which we currently expect will take place online at mutually convenient times in December 2022/January 2023. Through the sessions it is intended that candidates will receive:

  • insight into the skills required at the commercial/chancery Bar
  • tailored advice for improving written applications
  • guidance on how to tackle typical interview questions
  • a mock interview with constructive feedback.

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